Typical Roman cuisine in Rome: the Second

Alberto Sordi

After a good first of Roman cuisine What could be better than a good second cooked according to traditional regional.

The traditional Roman cuisine is based on simple dishes but very tasty and plentiful, and the latter are no less, In fact, we can find a Lamb chops or salt cod and potato onions.

So if you want to try these specialties why not make a jump to refreshed historical “Taverna dei Quaranta”, check out menu to see more specials.

Lamb chops

abbacchio a scottadito

This is a simple recipe that reflects the wholesomeness of our gastronomic tradition.
This dish is made of lamb, that lamb slaughter, well cooked on the grill or griddle.

Thin sliced beef with salad

straccetti con rucola

The strips are combined with slices of beef with rocket, a delicious meal of traditional Roman.

Lamb with onions

coratella con cipolle

This dish comes from poor tradition of Roman cuisine. By means pluck the entrails of small animals. The giblets and onions is a dish typical Easter in Rome, but this is not just an Easter dish because it can be served as second.