Tourists who visit the center of Rome, especially those who come from other countries, often have the curiosity to try the typical dishes of the culinary tradition Capitoline. What we recommend? Here is a minimum list of dishes that you can taste in restaurants in Rome center:

I bucatini all”amatriciana

One of Rome's most famous pastries, is prepared with tomato sauce, the cheese and the bacon.

The saltimbocca alla romana

A delight for the palate: slices of veal cooked with butter and white wine, inside with sage and prosciutto.

The tripe

Can not miss the pecorino romano and mint in this typical Roman dish.

The oxtail

Oxtail stew, usually accompanied by a garnish of vegetables.

The pasta carbonara

In the restaurants of downtown Rome can not miss this pasta, famous throughout Italy: guanciale, cheese and eggs are a delightful mix!

The maritozzo

Typical sweet Lazio, maritozzi is a soft bread stuffed in various ways. The name comes from”custom to offer it to future brides: nicknamed their donors maritozzi, and from there the name of the sweet.

The grattachecca

Food refreshing, and similar to the granita, is made with ice crumbs combined with various syrups.