Ristorante Roma Centro Storico – La Taverna Dei Quaranta

Ristorante a Roma Centro - Taverna dei Quaranta

La Taverna dei Quaranta is a beautiful restaurant in downtown Rome historian who serves tourists and locals as well 118 age. La Taverna Dei Quaranta is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, with beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Colosseum. La Taverna dei Quaranta, restaurant in Rome's historic center, consists of three fully air-conditioned indoor rooms that make this place suitable for any occasion, party or business dinner. We would like to create a cozy atmosphere with a precise and accurate service.

The kitchen of our restaurant in Rome Centro Storico

La Taverna dei Quaranta is a restaurant in downtown Rome specializing in Roman cuisine and regional level with an extensive menu that includes early, seconds and pizzas. Ourselves bake bread in our oven, the same every night allows us to churn out a fantastic pizza in the Roman tradition, made extra thin crust with slightly crisped bread - all in the true Roman style. Among our specialties you can enjoy several local Roman dishes such as Rigatoni Vaccinara, tonnarelli the cheese and pepper or the typical dishes of Abruzzo as the fettuccine to Gallura. Even the seconds that you can enjoy dating from the Roman tradition, such as the lamb cutlets, Fried cod apples and courgettes, oxtail as well as sliced ​​beef with radicchio and balsamic vinegar, a recipe request from the very loyal customer base. To see all of our dishes we invite you to read online our menu. Per dare un miglior servizio i dolci che offriamo sono fatti in casa e tutti i vini sono selezionati da Antonio il Somelier del nostro locale.

Where is our restaurant in Rome Centro Storico

Our restaurant in downtown Rome It is located in the historic Via Claudia, very close to the Colosseum, just in front of Piazza del Celio, This fantastic location allows you a wide possibility of parking for your car. La Taverna dei Quaranta, restaurant in Rome's historic center, offers an online booking service.

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