Typical Locations in Rome: La Taverna dei Quaranta

What makes this a typical restaurant in Rome? What are the characteristics of a room that can be considered traditional Roman?

With the word “typical” means “Characteristic, just a place, a thing, a person” and this includes not only the food, but also takes other factors that the place where it is located in a restaurant, the”atmosphere of the room and the people who work there.

So, because La Taverna dei Quaranta is a typical restaurant in Rome?


L”opening of Taverna dei Quaranta goes back more than 100 years ago, exactly 1894, and from that moment on you were made in all restaurants that have offered their customers the typical dishes of Roman.

In 1982 the name becomes “Taverna dei Quaranta” da quando gli attuali proprietari hanno deciso di comprare vantare un atmosfera che ti fa vivere le vere sensazioni romane grazie alla sua location speciale.

The restaurant is located in the historic district Celio in one of the most poetic and evocative of Rome, In fact, on warm days in Rome, political announcements and more, where visitors would come to get wonderful views of the Colosseum, the Servian and the Piazza del Celio. For more information read our article Colosseum and Surroundings.

The interiors are no less to create this atmosphere, with a low illumination, as if it were lit by candles which seem to be an old Roman osteria.


The menu is a very important thing for a typical, Forty of the Tavern for example, offers a wide choice of dishes of traditional cuisine of the poor Roman.

An example is the bucatini all”amatriciana, vaccinara rigatoni or fettuccine with artichokes, to see exactly how I invite you to read our article Typical Roman cuisine in Rome: the Prime