History of Taverna dei Quaranta

La Taverna dei Quaranta has an ancient history dating back to 1894. It is then that family of restaurateurs succeed by offering customers the delicious cuisine of the Roman.

It was in 1982 that "La Taverna dei Quaranta" was born from a passion for cooking, politics and society cultural activities. It was established by a large group of friends, forty to be precise, who formed a society to create this restaurant in Rome for an idea greater than just providing nice food. The restaurant had a bigger purpose of creating a place where the entire cultural activity of providing traditional Roman and Italian cuisines could be spread throughout Rome and the country. This then became a landmark for such activities from 1980 to 1990.

During these years, customers, politicians, business managers and friends met to eat, talk politics and organize cultural activities such as promoting and disseminating regional Italian cooking, devoting weeks of food tasting performed by specialist Chefs. This initiative spread to the kitchens, restaurant staff and international chefs of many different nationalities worldwide.

Today is Lucia and Giuseppe Antonio, that were part of the historic initial group, to lead the restaurant carrying on the tradition of Roman cuisine without forgetting some dishes typical of their homeland.

The environment is typical of a Roman trattoria where you can feel at ease in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.